Early sign and symptom , that may confirm your Pregnancy

The girls sign of  pregnancy  is not just nausea only because "  I was pregnant  "   in the early stages may not be the same capital, some people are allergic to or that some mothers pregnant with no morning sickness at all. little  Many people have strange symptoms.  The misconception is that instead of sick here, but there are other symptoms to notice.  We will combine  abdominal symptoms  in various ways that the stomach will have these symptoms.  Let's say that you have observed that mother.  Your symptoms now  Sign that you are  pregnant?   That's your mother.  What are the symptoms?  Let's see a little better. 9 abdominal symptoms that tell you that it is "pregnant" 1. lack of period  Menstrual period  If the menstrual period was normal, it is missing.  Wait and wait  Show that you may be pregnant.  Because after fertilization.  Menstruation is absent.  I recommend to buy a pregnancy monitor. 2. Nausea - Vomiting is a common symptom as a

Causes of White Blood Cells in Urine

Urine is sterile and free of blood cells. The occurrence of  White Blood Cells in Urine is a sign of disorder in kidneys or urinary tract that results inflame or swollen in  Bladder, kidneys or any other part of the urinary tract. In the situation with an affected urinary tract, one can feel uncomfortable that results difficulty in performing daily task.

White Blood Cells in Urine

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Urinary tract infection is one of the common causes of white blood cells in urine. Women have more chances of UTI than men, during the lifetimes about 50 percent of women face with this infection. UTI occur when Bacteria enter through Urethra and reach in Bladder which causes infection in the bladder called Cystitis.Urinary tract infection is not Serious, but it get worse when the Bacteria travel up to the kidneys.  Pain in the lower abdomen or, the lower back, chills, nausea, fever, bad smells urine or feeling the burn during urination are the symptoms of UTI.

Interstitial cystitis (IC)/Bladder pain syndrome (BPS)

Interstitial cystitis also causes White blood cells in urine. It’s not clear what exactly cause the  Interstitial Cystitis (IC) or sometimes called bladder pain syndrome (BPS), but it’s  not a bacterial infection. It’s a condition that results in pain, feelings pressure and inflammation in bladder walls and the pelvic area. It affect men and women both but mostly affect women. Some of the symptoms of Interstitial cystitis are an intense pelvic pain, sudden need to urinate, need to urinate several times more than as normal.This condition could be treated by simple medication that helps to protect the bladder lining  from damage, adjust hormones levels, reduce pain and inflammation but if this not works this may lead to surgery


Pyelonephritis is a  urinary tract infection which causes White Blood Cells in Urine.This infection is a severe kidney disease caused by viruses or bacteria. The urgency of urination, fever, burn during urination back pain and blood in Urine are the signs of  Pyelonephritis. This disease can be spread through Blood and may result in severe illness. Continuously  recur of this infection may cause  permanent damage to kidneys

Kidneys Stones

The kidneys filter out the blood and remove the waste product from the body in the form of urine.Sometimes these waste products have solid particles that form stone-like lumps in the kidneys. These stones become the reason of blockage in urinary system .this blockage of urine increase the risk of bacterial infection and creating the most painful condition.Different types of Kidneys stone have different causes.In typical cases, kidneys stones are symptomless until it enters into the ureter.After the appearance of kidneys stones the typical symptoms are:
Severe pain, Red or White Blood Cells in Urine, Nausea, and Vomiting, Fever and chills (because of infection), feeling pain are burn during urination
Usually, small stones have chances to pass during urination while the large stone that is painful need medical treatment