Early sign and symptom , that may confirm your Pregnancy

The girls sign of  pregnancy  is not just nausea only because "  I was pregnant  "   in the early stages may not be the same capital, some people are allergic to or that some mothers pregnant with no morning sickness at all. little  Many people have strange symptoms.  The misconception is that instead of sick here, but there are other symptoms to notice.  We will combine  abdominal symptoms  in various ways that the stomach will have these symptoms.  Let's say that you have observed that mother.  Your symptoms now  Sign that you are  pregnant?   That's your mother.  What are the symptoms?  Let's see a little better. 9 abdominal symptoms that tell you that it is "pregnant" 1. lack of period  Menstrual period  If the menstrual period was normal, it is missing.  Wait and wait  Show that you may be pregnant.  Because after fertilization.  Menstruation is absent.  I recommend to buy a pregnancy monitor. 2. Nausea - Vomiting is a common symptom as a

Causes of High Testosterone in Women

The human body produces various kinds of hormones and are mandatory for the proper functioning of the body systems. Testosterone is a male sexual hormone, but a female body also produces a small amount of it. The body has to face serious problems if the produced amount of testosterone increases or decreases in the female or male body respectively. There are several causes of high testosterone in the women and it’s necessary to take proper treatment of it.

Function of Testosterone

Testosterone is a  manliness hormone which produces in the testicles. Female ovaries also produce a small amount of this hormone as well. The function of the testosterone is to develop male characteristics in men, i.e. body hair, strong muscles, and strength. If the ovaries produce an increased amount of the hormone then the same traits start developing in the female body.

Normal and Abnormal Levels

The satisfactory testosterone level in males is between 300 to 1000 nanograms per deciliter while in the female its normal level is about 15 nanograms per deciliters. In females, the abnormal level causes increased hair on the body, heavy voice, and decreased breast size. Polycystic ovary syndrome disturbs the menstruation cycle and creates problems in pregnancy.

Causes of High Testosterone in Women

There are several causes of high testosterone in women which demand instant treatment. Following are the four major causes of it.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS): 

PCOS is one of the major reasons of testosterone,which badly impacts on the female sex hormones. Acne, facial hair, disturbed periods, and mood swings are the main symptoms of it. The negligence can result in infertility or ovary cancer.

Adrenal Disease:

Late-onset congenital adrenal hyperplasia is another cause of a high testosterone level in the females. The adrenal glands upset the normal level of hormones and the ovary starts producing the excess amount of testosterone which results in the increased hair on the chin and the chest. After taking the hormonal test, doctors determine the cause of it and prescribe medicine according to the amount of testosterone.


Diabetes is a very complex disease which slowly destroys all other organs as well. Diabetes badly impacts on the sexual organs and fluctuate the normal hormone level. To remove the issue, the patient should keep control ofdiabetes and make the exercise a part of regular routine.


the imbalanced testosterone level is directly related to various diseases. Dwarfism, gigantism, acromegaly, and thyroid disorder can be a cause of imbalanced testosterone as the presence of these diseases indicates the harmful germs in the body.

Testosterone Test 

In order to check the testosterone level in the body, doctors prescribe testosterone test which is similar to the blood test. The morning the best time for taking the test as the level of testosterone is the highest in the morning. However, in severe conditions, doctors can ask you for the physical test as well.


One shouldn’t take lightly to the abrupt changes in the body and avoid adverse things like alcohol, smoking and drugs. Adopt a healthy routine and consult with the doctors instantly.